Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Northern Star Polish - Paranormal X collex - Part 1

I found Northern Star Polish while I was cruising Etsy awhile back and immediately favorited the shop! So many pretties and TONS of variety - glitter toppers, shimmery crellys, jellies, creams....something for everyone! I immediately put in a review request and when Kristin picked Fox Claws I was over the moon! Thanks girl!!

So I stalked the mailman for like a month waiting for this press kit and OH EM GEE I was blown away when it arrived! 5 full sized polishes and a mini sized cuticle oil sample that smells like honeysuckle-tangerine heaven. This is not typically a scent I would have blindly ordered, mostly because I really don't know what honeysuckle and tangerine smells like, but WOW this stuff smells awesome and works great to boot! It is a recipe exclusive to Northern Star Polish and she lists all of the ingredients on the package - which I unceremoniously tossed and then tried to dig out of the trash when I realized that the ingredients list might be a handy thing to include in a review but I couldn't find it. Oops! Sorry! You'll just have to order something from Northern Star Polish and get your own ;) Kristin likes to include a little thank you give with all purchases from her shop. How cool is that?

I'm going to split this review up into a couple different posts because it would probably be a little TOO picture heavy to include all at one time. Disclaimer: Products in this review were provided to me from the maker for an honest review..blah blah blah FTC red tape. Here we go!

First up is TRUSTNO1 from Northern Star Polish's Paranormal X collection inspired by the X-Files (a show, I oddly enough, never got into despite my love of the paranormal...). Kristin describes TRUSTNO1 as a purple creamy-ish base with electric blue flakes. If I was going to knit pick I would probably say that the base leans a little more blue than purple but can definitely pass for purple if you needed it to. This was the first one I swatched and when I went out into the sun I swear ya'll, my neighbors hear me squee! It. Is. GORGEOUS. This is 3 coats (though 2 would have been fine) of TRUSTNO1 plus a top coat. OH one more thing before I link the f0t0z, these pictures were taken with nearly NO clean up, its THAT awesome! It stayed RIGHT where I put it and the only clean up I had to do was under my nails when I wrapped the tip, and one spot on my middle finger from when one of the cats jumped onto the arm of the sofa while I was painting and scared the shiitake out of me...

Now that I have you attention with that gorgeous blue, here are a few other things you should know about Northern Star Polish...

  • Northern Star Polish is Big 4 free! No DBP, Toulene, Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde-resin!
  • Northern Star Polish is cruelty free! (YAY!)
  • Northern Star Polish is gluten free!
  • Northern Star Polish is vegan friendly!
  • Annnnnd it's made in America!  <-- My link, not hers...don't hate LOL

Next up is also a polish from the Paranormal X collection, The Lone Gunmetal! Northern Star Polish describes this one as a shimmer, dusty teal with blue, aqua holo and gunmetal glitters. Nailed it. This is not a polish I typically would have ordered from an online photo but now that I have it in front of me I really, really like it - it's really quite pretty and unique too. I can't really think of another polish that looks even remotely like it. I didn't really feel the need to fish for glitter in this because the base is so pretty on its own, the glitter is just an added bonus to me. But, as you can see from the swatches, there is no shortage of glitter either. This is 3 thin coats of The Lone Gunmetal plus top coat. Clean up on this one was a breeze as well.

So what do you think? I'm sold! I even loved the bottles! You can find TRUSTNO1 and The Lone Gunmetal (15ml/.5oz) for $8.50 in the Northern Star Polish Etsy store! You can also find Northern Star Polish on Facebook

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2

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