Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Beauties!

UHOH! Guess what day it is!? (Not an ad...well it is an ad I guess but its not one of those spammy ones)

^^ That commercial cracks me up EVERY freaking time! I am soooooo excited to be able to share these amazing beauties with you all from Femme Fatale Cosmetics! Femme Fatale Cosmetics is an independently owned small business based in Brisbane, Australia! They specialize in hand blended mineral based cosmetics and 3-free hand produced nail lacquer, and offer a variety of vegan-friendly options AND they don't test on animals or purchase ingredients from places who do! I really love that part.

I have 4 polishes to share with you guys so lets get to it! Keep in mind while you read these reviews that these polishes were provided to me by Femme Fatale Cosmetics for an honest review. <-- Disclaimer ya'll!

I have to just nerd-out here for a moment. While I was looking over these polishes I realized that I had seen all of these names before and after some thought it finally hit me; They are all super sneaky World of Warcraft references! I FREAKING LOVE IT!! Love. It. I miss 'old' WoW. Pandas can just...go away.

FIRST UP! is Spindleweb! (WoW Reference: Spindleweb Lurker) Spindleweb is described as a deep, jewel toned blue with green shimmer and teal blue and green glitters! You could layer this baby over a similar color, but I decided to layer it by itself over a naked nail!  I think if I was to swatch this again though I would probably put it over a dark greenish blue, 3 layers by itself started to feel a little thick. It was very difficult to get a good pic of this baby but its stunning in person and I really love it! This is 3 coats of Spindleweb + top coat.

Next up we have Winter Hyacinth! (WoW Reference: Winter Hyacinth). This was the very first polish I ever saw from Femme Fatale Cosmetics and I was in LOVE with it! Its so fun! Winter Hyacinth is a muted teal cream with pink and white hexes and white diamonds. The application on this was relatively easy and keeping the layers thin really made it easy to keep the glitters where you wanted them. This is 3 coats of Winter Hyacinth + top coat. No undies necessary!

Next we have, probably my favorite Halloween-esque polish ever, Tricky Treats! (WoW Reference: Tricky Treat - From my FAVORITE WoW world event Hallow's End. Careful, don't eat too many or you may get sick!) Tricky Treats is a slightly orange tinted jelly with orange and gold bar glitters, pink and orange hexes and red and purple squares! This is 2 coats of Tricky Treats over Zoya 'Myrta' + top coat. (Note: I may swatch this one again because I did it late and in semi-low lighting so these pics are not the best. BUT if you like orange or you're looking for a Halloween inspired lacquer then you're going to LOVE this one!)

And the last polish I have for you guys tonight is Edge Of The Cosmos! (WoW Reference: Edge Of The Cosmos). This is probably my favorite of the 4 because its just SO fun! Edge Of The Cosmos is a dark purpley-burgundy jelly base with micro holo shimmer and a mix of small blue hexes, stars, moons, silver hexes and large circle glitter. You could dramatically change the look of this polish by adding a base, but I decided to go bareback. This is 3-4 coats of Edge of the Cosmos over bare nail + top coat.

My first real experience with Femme Fatale Cosmetics has been a blast! The polishes are top notch, unique, creative, and their names hold a special place in my heart! (I was a WoW Addict from Vanilla to Pandaria and spent more time than I care to admit submersed in the world of Azeroth.)

In North America you can find Femme Fatale Cosmetics at Llarowe, Color4Nails, and Harlow&Co. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Check em out! Tell them Fox Claws sent you :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Northern Star Polish - Paranormal X collex - Part 2...3?


First off, we reached 2,000 fans on Facebook yesterday! WOW!! I never in my life imagined that would ever happen to little old me! I am so flattered to be included in your timeline - I hope I am offering something to you all that you're excited to read about and see. If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to share them below :)

Todaaaaay we have part 2 of Northern Star Polish Paranormal X Collection, and part 3 of my Northern Star Polish review set with UFO Party and Enigmatic Doctor S

**If want to see more Northern Star Polish you can click here for part 1, or here for part 2. Also, all of the products in this post were provided to me by the maker for an honest opinion.  **

I've gotta say, Kristin at Northern Star Polish has really done a phenomenal job. This is my first experience with this brand and every new polish I try exceeds my expectations. They have been easy to apply, long lasting, self leveling, and gorgeous! If you're looking to jump into a new indie brand, Northern Star Polish is a great investment! I am so happy with mine! And no, I wasn't 'paid' to say that, I am genuinely pleased with my experience with this brand and I want to share it with people! =D

Okay enough yakin' lets get to the polish!

First up is UFO Party, a gorgeous 'alien' green with ribbons of gold shimmer running through it. When I first opened the package I though that this one would be my least favorite but the color grew on me so much that I'm looking forward to wear it again come Packer season! UFO Party is opaque in 2 coats and applies very evenly! This is 2 coats + top coat.

Next up is probably my 2nd favorite out of the 5 that I originally received, Enigmatic Doctor S. At first glance, random glitter bomb...but put this baby on your nails and its like applying crushed jewels to your digits. GORGEOUS! I originally swatched this on a nail wheel over black but I changed my mind at the last moment and changed the undies to China Glaze 'Bizarre Blurple' for the pics. It doesn't matter what color you put under this baby, its going to be stunning! This is 2 coats of Enigmatic Doctor S plus a top coat.

SOOOO tell me what you think! Have I convinced you that you NEED some Northern Star Polish on your nail polish rack? You can find UFO Party and Enigmatic Doctor S (along with the rest of NSP's gorgeous creations) for $8.50 on Etsy! You can also find Northern Star Polish on Facebook. And don't forget, Northern Star Polish is 4 Free, cruelty free, gluten free, vegan friendly, made in the USA, AND Kristin includes a little thank you in every order!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Different Dimension - Ocean's Daughter

Holy jeebus, its 60 degrees in JULY and I'm freezing my cuticles off!! Wutdahell is this!? Weather in the Midwest is so freaking weird, I'll never get used to it! Ever.

This is going to be a quickie because my fingers are so cold that it actually hurts to type but I wanted to show you all this GORGEOUS new holo from Different Dimension called Ocean's Daughter (an homage to the Train song perhaps?). Ocean's Daughter is a beautiful minty, silvery, blue holo that is opaque in 2-3 coats. I swear this baby is SO holo that its shines in the dark! It's got some terrific staying power as well as I've had it on for 4 days now and theres just a tiny bit of tip wear! YAY for awesome!

This is 3 coats of Ocean's Daughter with 1 coat of KB Shimmers 'Clearly On Top' top coat.

Blurred to extra holo-y goodness!

So. Much. Win. I love this one! Ocean's Daughter is available NOW at for $11! You can also find Different Dimension on Facebook,  Instagram, and at Llarowe.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nail 'Varnish' Tag!

Yaaay! Old school 'getting to know you' chain letter type stuff. I haven't filled one of these out in awhile! I was tagged to do this by An Irish Nail Polish Addict - head on over and check out her blog! This will be a fun questionnaire..

Favorite Nail Polish Company

This is a tough one because I love so many things about so many brands! I would say that my main stream fav brand is probably China Glaze, with Sinful Colors and Zoya slightly behind them. Indie brands? AHH!! Too Cute-icle of course, Different Dimension, Enchanted Polish always has something gorgeous even though I can't afford em, Girly Bits, Mentality and Chirality have some gorgeous holos... and I am super digging on Northern Star Polish right now! 

Glitter or No Glitter
I LOVE bling. Bring on the glitter if you got it! I do love a good crelly shimmer or cream though! 

OPI, China Glaze or Essie
China Glaze, although I really do like OPI, I just can't get my hands on them as often.

When Do You Change Your Nail Polish

If I'm not swatching, then usually every other day or so. I've had a-England St. George on for 3 days now though because its too amazing to take off.

What's Your Favorite Color To Wear On Your Nails

I wear a lot of pink...

Darks Or Brights

Depends on the season. I like to wear brights in the summer, darks in the fall and winter.

What Do You Have On Your Nails Right 

a-England St. George!!! If you don't have it, you MUST get it.

Matte Nails... In Or Out?

I don't really have an opinion. I like them.

French Manicure?

I can't do my own, but I do like a nice french mani for classy events.

Favorite Winter Color?

Oi...uhhh... Lynderella 'Snow Angel' or Too Cute-icle 'Winter'. I think I will especially enjoy Mentality's 'Siren' this winter. KB Shimmer Candy Cane Crush (scented) was a favorite for me last winter too!

WOOT Mark this tag #complete! Thanks Gillian for tagging me! Now I'm tagging Pinked Polish and Polish Sickness! Check out these lovely ladies for THEIR answers!

Northern Star Polish Swatch & Review - Sleepy Kitty

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is doing something awesome this weekend! I unfortunately feel like poo so my weekend is shot. Balls.

Anyway, this is part 2 of my Northern Star Polish review! In case you missed it you can view part 1 here - and if you're a blue/purple polish lover then you MUST view part one because its awesome.

Part 2 will only feature one polish because it was so gorgeous that I thought it deserved its own post. Northern Star Polish SLEEPY KITTY. Sleepy Kitty is described as, "a glitter topper with a white shimmery base and filled with pink butterflies, pastel (hexes), white (hexes and diamonds), and hot pink (square) glitters." But it should be described like this, "ITS LIKE PAINTING YOUR FINGERS IN DIAMOND DUST". This was a huge surprise for me and I didn't expect to love it SO much. The glitters apply beautifully, no need to dab or place. The butterflies do require a little bit of fishing but they did come out on the brush and I didn't have to resort to digging around with a toothpick to bring them to the top of the bottle. I honestly didn't mind though because I'm not huge on shape glitters anyway, and the base and other glitters are amazing!! Originally I chose Essie's 'I'm Genius' as the undies for Sleepy Kitty, but on a whim I put it over black and was so excited I RAN out in to the shop to show Mr. Fox....who simply said, "Thats nice." *sigh*

Disclaimer: Some of the products in this review were sent to me for an honest review. 

Anyway, here is 2 coats of Sleepy Kitty over Essie's 'I'm Genius' plus top coat. OH P.s. This one is NOT part of the Paranormal X Collection.

And again, in case you missed part 1, here are some really great things you should know about Northern Star Polish:
  • Northern Star Polish is Big 4 free! No DBP, Toulene, Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde-resin!
  • Northern Star Polish is cruelty-free & vegan-friendly! She does not test on animals AND does not purchase materials from companies that do. She also does not use ingredients that are derived from animal by-products
  • Northern Star Polish is gluten free!
  • Annnnnd it's made in America!  
So this was the stunner one for me. I had a wheel full of random black swatches and decided to just slap Sleepy Kitty over the top of one of them. I immediately took I'm Genius off my nails and painted them black. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like looking at stars on a super clear, moonless night! SOOO pretty!!! The photos below show 1 coat of Sleepy Kitty on my index and middle fingers, and 2 coats on ring and pinky.

AHH LOVE! I wish all that BING showed up better in pictures because this baby is loaded. You can snag Sleepy Kitty (15ml/.5oz) for $8.50 in the Northern Star Polish Etsy store! You can also find Northern Star Polish on Facebook.

Coming up in Part 3 of my Northern Star Polish swatch and review series will be UFO Party and Enigmatic Doctor S which was another big favorite of mine! Can't wait to share them with you. I will also have a Part 4 in a couple of weeks that includes the not yet released (unsure of the release date, actually so stay tuned) trio of beauties that you can win RIGHT NOW in my Birthdanniversary giveaway!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mint Manis for Talia Joy!

On Tuesday the beauty community lost a bright, shinning star, Talia Joy. I came to 'know' Talia just shortly before her passing when I watching clips of Ellen on Youtube and came across this video. I was inspired by Talia's quirky attitude and enthusiasm for life - I mean, there are days when I don't even want to roll out of bed because - insert mundane complaint - and here is this little girl running across a stage with a smile on her face and battling 2 forms of cancer. Damn.

To honor Talia, the beauty community is showing off our mint green manis today. Why mint green? The last manicure that TaliaJoy18 posted on her instragram was this one.

So here is mine, in honor of such a bright, courageous little girl. Coastal Scents COAT Nail Polish in Lily Pad.

Rest In Peace, Talia Joy Castellano

Browse more ‪#‎mintmanisfortaliajoy‬ below...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Northern Star Polish - Paranormal X collex - Part 1

I found Northern Star Polish while I was cruising Etsy awhile back and immediately favorited the shop! So many pretties and TONS of variety - glitter toppers, shimmery crellys, jellies, creams....something for everyone! I immediately put in a review request and when Kristin picked Fox Claws I was over the moon! Thanks girl!!

So I stalked the mailman for like a month waiting for this press kit and OH EM GEE I was blown away when it arrived! 5 full sized polishes and a mini sized cuticle oil sample that smells like honeysuckle-tangerine heaven. This is not typically a scent I would have blindly ordered, mostly because I really don't know what honeysuckle and tangerine smells like, but WOW this stuff smells awesome and works great to boot! It is a recipe exclusive to Northern Star Polish and she lists all of the ingredients on the package - which I unceremoniously tossed and then tried to dig out of the trash when I realized that the ingredients list might be a handy thing to include in a review but I couldn't find it. Oops! Sorry! You'll just have to order something from Northern Star Polish and get your own ;) Kristin likes to include a little thank you give with all purchases from her shop. How cool is that?

I'm going to split this review up into a couple different posts because it would probably be a little TOO picture heavy to include all at one time. Disclaimer: Products in this review were provided to me from the maker for an honest review..blah blah blah FTC red tape. Here we go!

First up is TRUSTNO1 from Northern Star Polish's Paranormal X collection inspired by the X-Files (a show, I oddly enough, never got into despite my love of the paranormal...). Kristin describes TRUSTNO1 as a purple creamy-ish base with electric blue flakes. If I was going to knit pick I would probably say that the base leans a little more blue than purple but can definitely pass for purple if you needed it to. This was the first one I swatched and when I went out into the sun I swear ya'll, my neighbors hear me squee! It. Is. GORGEOUS. This is 3 coats (though 2 would have been fine) of TRUSTNO1 plus a top coat. OH one more thing before I link the f0t0z, these pictures were taken with nearly NO clean up, its THAT awesome! It stayed RIGHT where I put it and the only clean up I had to do was under my nails when I wrapped the tip, and one spot on my middle finger from when one of the cats jumped onto the arm of the sofa while I was painting and scared the shiitake out of me...

Now that I have you attention with that gorgeous blue, here are a few other things you should know about Northern Star Polish...

  • Northern Star Polish is Big 4 free! No DBP, Toulene, Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde-resin!
  • Northern Star Polish is cruelty free! (YAY!)
  • Northern Star Polish is gluten free!
  • Northern Star Polish is vegan friendly!
  • Annnnnd it's made in America!  <-- My link, not hers...don't hate LOL

Next up is also a polish from the Paranormal X collection, The Lone Gunmetal! Northern Star Polish describes this one as a shimmer, dusty teal with blue, aqua holo and gunmetal glitters. Nailed it. This is not a polish I typically would have ordered from an online photo but now that I have it in front of me I really, really like it - it's really quite pretty and unique too. I can't really think of another polish that looks even remotely like it. I didn't really feel the need to fish for glitter in this because the base is so pretty on its own, the glitter is just an added bonus to me. But, as you can see from the swatches, there is no shortage of glitter either. This is 3 thin coats of The Lone Gunmetal plus top coat. Clean up on this one was a breeze as well.

So what do you think? I'm sold! I even loved the bottles! You can find TRUSTNO1 and The Lone Gunmetal (15ml/.5oz) for $8.50 in the Northern Star Polish Etsy store! You can also find Northern Star Polish on Facebook

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2