Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's My Birthdanniversary Celebration!

And you're invited!! HOLLER!!

Okay i'll admit it... I love my birthday! Maybe it's my 'only child syndrome' rearing its spoiled little head, but I stretch this shit out for at least a week. Ask Mr. Fox Claws, it goes like this...
Me: "Honey...can we go to dinner for my birthday?"
Him: "Your birthday isn't for 3 more days..."
Me: "I know but...early birthday present?"
Him: "But...we went to dinner LAST night for your birhday..."
Me: "I know but..doesn't soup, salad and bread sticks from The OG sound delicious? And its like, almost my birthday!"
(P.s. If you get 'The OG' reference you're awesome! Fist bump to my fellow lady clones out there! Now I'm done...hehehe)

LOL Ah well...we only get one birthday a year so I'm going to make the most of it ;) Besides, this one is a good one...this is the first year I will turn 29 - next year I will also turn 29 - and I will continue to turn 29 until I actually feel 30! I will wear glitter and I will not bow down to crows feet or laugh lines. SO THERE!

Anywho, the end of June/beginning of July also marks my 1 year blogaversary, and Mr. Fox Claws and I's anniversary so we're making quite a big deal about it in this household! AND AND AND some of my favorite lacquer lovin' ladies have come out to help celebrate with a (quite spectacular if I do say so myself) awesome giveaway.

Here's the treasure map....

From Fox Claws:
- Little Princess rack in black, white or pink - You choose!
- MY favorite accessory at the moment - an iridescent crystal heart necklace - I bought an extra one just for this giveaway!
- Elf Concealer brush aka awesome nail clean up brush - My Favorite!
- Nail Art Goodies - Stickers, Nail Wraps etc.
- Ulta Goddess
- Ulta Purple Haze

From Too Cuteicle:
- An unreleased pink holo inspired by Fox Claws called 'Foxy'!

From Polish Sickness:
- Nabi Holographic Polish in Red
- Sally Hansen Prisms in South Sea Pearl
- 4pk of Striping Tape

From Different Dimension:
- Random surprise pack of pretties!

From JK Customs:
- Full size bottle of Tears of Gaia
- Nail Wraps
- Nail Art Glitter

From Mentality Nail Polish:
- $25 Gift Certificate to their online store!

From Happy Hellionz:
- A surprise Hellion!

From Chiraltiy Nail Polish:
- Full Size bottle of Convergence

From Northern Star Polish:
- Full Size bottles of Aquadellic, Knock 'Em Red, and At First Blush

For the Canadian ladies and gents only...
From Girly Bits Cosmetics:
- $30 Gift Certificate to Girly Bits!

For the European ladies and gents only...
From An Irish Nail Polish Addict:
- 4 surprise Catrice polishes


Prize Pack #1
- Fox Claws Princess Rack
(Rack ONLY - Rack contents are NOT included)
- A HUGE bubble bottle of Too Cute-icle 'Foxy'
- Ulta Goddess
- Ulta Purple Haze
- Northern Star Polish 'Aquadellic'
- Nail Art Goodies
- Elf Brush

Prize Pack #2
- Crystal Heart Necklace
- Different Dimension Polish Pack
- JK Customs FS Tears Of Gaia
- Northern Star Polish 'Knock 'Em Red'
- Nail Wraps
- Nail Art Glitter

Prize Pack #3
- Surprise Hellion from Happy Hellionz!
- $25 Mentality Gift Certificate
- Chirality 'Convergence'
- Northern Star Polish 'At First Blush'
- Nabi Holographic Polish in Red
- Sally Hansen Prisms in South Sea Pearl
- 4pk of Striping Tape

Prize Pack #4 - Europe Only
4 Catrice Polishes

Prize Pack #5 - Canada Only
$30 Gift Certificate to GIRLY BITS!

Important Giveaway Info! (Please read me!)
- There will be 5 winners -  3 from the US, 1 from Canada, 1 from Europe
- Giveaway will run from 7/3 until midnight on 7/21 (CDT). Winners will be chosen and e-mailed around 7/22-7/23.
- Entries will be verified! Cheating will result in complete disqualification.
- Winners have 24 hours to respond to e-mail notification before a new winner is chosen.
- Some prizes were purchased by me, some were generously donated - Don't forget to thank all of the wonderful ladies who were kind enough to donate to this giveaway! Additionally, portions of the prize packs may be shipped directly from their source and may arrive separately.
- Prize Packs #1-3 are for US Fans only.
- Prize Pack #4 is for European Fans only.
- Prize Pack #5 is for Canadian Fans only.
- Winners information (e-mail/address/name) may be shared with one or more entities who have donated to this giveaway in the event that they need additional information from you, but will not be used for marketing purposes. 

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  1. HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY!!!! Oh Feak out...I'm almost twice your age...holy sh*t!

  2. 29... the last of your young years. Enjoy it while you can. I hit 30 and it all went downhill. I'm just joshin' ya!! I love my 30s!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, too, duh! <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAUTITAH!!

    1. Thanks Jessica!! I think I might panic next year...maybe...LOL I can't believe I'm 'HERE' already. Holy cow!

  3. wooo hoo !! go girl go !! happy happy Birthdanniversary

  4. Happy Birthdanniversary!! Your princess rack is soooooo cute!

  5. Happy birthday! You may be drawing the winners on my birthday, I hope I win, thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Happy early birthday!! =D Good Luck!

  6. happy birthday! :-)

  7. WooHoo!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! What was YOUR surprise??? :o) I had a GREAT surprise!!! Woop Woop!!!! Thanx!