Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Too Cute-icle Swatches!

Swatch time! :)

I was lucky enough to score all 8 of Too Cute-icles newest collections! Unfortunately, my camera took a dump and I was only able to get decent photos of 3 of them (for now). 
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Copperhead, Sleepy Flower, Co-Ed, The Great Barrier

Let me just say that I was really impressed with these. The color combos are fun and funky, and they apply very well. I didn't have to place or dab any of these glitters. They went on smooth the first time around, and I didn't need to do any re-positioning of any of them. 2 Thumbs up!

First up is one of my favorites: Co-ed (2 light coats over Pure Ice 'Home Run' which is a minty, pastel green.) Co-ed is a really delicate blend of blue and rose pink circle glitters, teeny blue squares and  micro pink glitters. If you love the name, you're welcome ;) This is one that I got to name LOL!

 Next up is Sleepy Flower (2 coats, shown over black).  This one was a surprise favorite, I didn't expect to love it quite as much as I do! Sleepy Flower has a grey/black tinted jelly base and is packed full of rosy pink and mossy green circle glitters. small gold hexes, and blue micro glitters. It also has a subtle holo shimmer to it. The photos don't do it any kind of justice, its sooo unique and gorgeous. It reminds me of black hills gold.

Last we have Copperhead (2 coats over Zoya's Codie). Copperhead is a gorgeous blend of brown hexes, teeny copper squares, and a holo micro shimmer. This is where my camera decided it was going to stop taking decent photos, so you only get one shot of it for now. You can check her Etsy shop for additional swatch photos here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TooCuteicle

The final photo I have for you was taken months ago! Sometime back in October, Jess sent me a prototype of a polish she was creating for another collection and I fell in LOVE with it! It reminded me of autumn in a bottle so I begged her to keep it and release it with the 'Seasons' collection she was planning...and here it is! This is a photo of my 2012 Thanksgiving mani featuring 'Fall'! 

Fall is an absolutely amaaaaaazing combination of orange and green hexes, and teeny tiny orange, green and brown glitters. Its seriously SO pretty and will probably be my Thanksgiving go-to polish forEVAR!

Please excuse the awfulness of this photograph, it was just a quick shot and not originally intended as a 'press' photo.

You can find these pretties in Too Cute-icles Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TooCuteicle
Full sizes are $8.00, minis are $3.75.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toocuteicle
Blog: http://toocute-icle.com/
Instagram & Twitter: @TooCuteicle

You can find additional photos of the collection on Facebook at Jen's Nail Files

- New Too Cute-icle release!
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Too Cute-icle Apocalypse Party!

Absolutely ridiculous confession incoming...

When I was in 8th grade (shout out to Crystal Middle School class of 1998!) we watched a video about the ancient Mayans in my history class which ended with THE CALENDAR. While I am not typically a conspiracy theory kind of person, for some reason the date 12/21/2012 stuck with me and I had this odd sense of urgency to accomplish certain things prior to that date...just in case! (LOL yeah laugh at me, I laugh at me too!) IN MY DEFENSE THOUGH, 2012 was also the 'decade' mark from high school graduation so its kind of good timeline marker to reflect on the things I thought I'd have done by now, and the things I've actually done. All in all, I wasn't nervous about the world ending (I don't have a basement full of water and non-perishable food, or a bunker under the backyard patio), just anxious to see how far I've come.

When Jess at Too Cute-icle decided to release a limited edition 12/21/2012 themed polish I knew I had to have! Only 21 bottles were released and I was ecstatic to be able to snag my favorite number, #3!

Apocalypse Party is a gorgeous glitter bomb of blue, gold, and red hex glitters, and teeny tiny green and orange hexes. One of the things I love about this polish is that it is super colorful without being a traditional rainbow (not that I have anything against rainbows, call off the Calvary people!) Another thing I love is that even though its 'busy' with the variety of colors, it still maintains a really nice balance and uniformity because the majority of the glitters are the same size.

I did 2 mani's with this polish because I love it so much! The first is Apocalypse Party over Zoya's Trixie. With the flash you can see that Trixie is a gorgeous silver foil, but in person (and without flash) it looks a bit gold with AP over it. Either way, its super fun! (Click to enlarge any photo)

The 2nd mani is a 'backwards' gradient of Apocalypse Party over ORLY Shockwave.

I can see myself wearing Apocalypse Party a bunch! It would be perfect for any kind of party, and you can put it over so many different colors and it would still look amazing! While Apocalypse Party is no longer available on her Etsy shop, keep your eyes peeled for some gorgeous new creations coming very soon!

You can find Too Cute-icle here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toocuteicle
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TooCuteicle
Blog: http://toocute-icle.com/
Instagram & Twitter: @TooCuteicle

- Too Cute-icles first limited edition!
- I'm adding 'Lived through the apocalypse' on my resume
- Sorry for the delay! Fun stuff coming up!
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