Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rainbow Ombre/Gradient with 3 colors!

Hey guys!!

Recently a newcomer to one of my favorite nail polish groups posted an INCREDIBLE rainbow gradient mani that I just HAD to try! The inspiration for this mani came from this Cutepolish video!

I used:
Icing - Hot Date (pink)
Zoya - Pippa (yellow)
China Glaze - Aquadelic (turquoise)
China Glaze - Fairy Dust (bling!)
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White (...white)

I'm not going to go into how I did this since Cutepolish did a phenomenal job in her video, but I will add that I find that adding a clear or glitter coat over the gradient, before the top coat, smooths the colors together much better than if you skip it and just add a top coat. This is seriously MUCH easier than it looks, and the effect is CRAYCRAY!

I'd love to see your recreations! After you share them with cutepolish, share them on Fox Claws :)

We also released a new nail polish rack this week!!

'Little Princess' Rack - A pint sized polish rack for the little polish lover in your life. This adorably pink (also comes in white or black) rack is perfect for mommy or daddy's little princess. The 'Little Princess' rack holds approximately 27 large polishes (OPI/China Glaze) and approximately 30 smaller polishes (Essie/Zoya). It would also make a great shelf for small collectible items like stuffed animals and small sports trophies.

$25 + Shipping

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Too Cute-icle - Villainess Trio

...Or at least two of the three LOL!

I have been eagerly awaiting these babies since Jess at Too Cute-icle first posted a sneak peek in one of the nail groups I'm in with her on Facebook! The Villainess Trio was inspired by 3 of Disney's most horrific leading bad girls - Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent. She nailed it, they're awesome! Before we get started I wanted to say that I did receive all 3 of these to swatch and review but my bottle of Cruella was full of glitter floaties so I opted not to review it. Jess has since put a quality note on all listings of Cruella in her shop. There's nothing 'wrong' with it, my bottle just wasn't quite right and I didn't want to put photos up of something without giving her the opportunity to address it.

First up is Ursula! Ursula is a pretty mix of  black and purples hexes and squares with micro white glitter and teeny tiny iridescent shreds in a clear base. I expected this one to by my least favorite ( I don't really care for purples too much) but I was wrong, it is really pretty. The tiny shreds add an unexpected shimmer to this beauty that you can only see on the nail. This is 1 coat of Ursula (2 coats on ring finger) over Sinful Colors 'Candy Coated'

Next up is Maleficent (my fav!) over China Glaze Elephant Walk.  Maleficent is described as a mix of black, purple, pink (more magenta than pink IMO), and green glitter in a clear base. This polish was my favorite from her original promo pics, and I was so excited that it lived up to my expectations in person. The green takes this polish to another level, its SOO fun!  This is one coat on ring, middle, pinky and 2 coats on ring finger. 

These polishes and the Villainess trio is available now on Etsy for $18, or each polish is available individually for $7 each. Make sure to check her out on Facebook too!

I also wanted to announce the addition of 5 new racks coming to our Storenvy and Etsy shops SOON! We are SUPER excited about these and I can't wait to share them with you! We are extending our Roxy line to include larger racks, we're flipping a current rack on its side which will allow additional storage options (its not JUST for polish anymore!), and we're thinking 'small'! The first of the 5 new racks should hit the shops this week! Click below for our shop and keep an eye on our Facebook page for new additions!

Thank you all so much for your support! I know I've said it a bunch of times before, but Dan and I appreciate your business more than you could ever know. We enjoy creating these racks every day for you, and we LOVE when you show off your new rack on our FB page. We are so thrilled that you love them! You're awesome!