Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mentality - Welcome to the Dark Side...Holos

Happy Blogaversary to meeee!! One year ago today, Fox Claws was born! This has been a crazy awesome year and I wouldn't change a thing! I want to thank you guys for encouraging me, commenting on posts, checking out my Book Of The Face, and supporting our Etsy store. I love you all!

Tonight I've got the stunningly gorgeous (and ridiculously affordable) Dark Side Holos from Mentality Nail Polish! These beauties are 3 free, fully opaque in 2-3 coats, and dry to a soft satiny finish on their own, or a beautiful high gloss one with a top coat. I was super impressed by the formula! Go commando with this one ladies - No undies necessary! The formula is thin enough to achieve a nice, even finish, and thick enough that it sticks to the nail and doesn't run down into your cuticles. These photos were taken with very little clean up because, well, I didn't need to clean up! Superb! Also! I hear that they stamp beautifully, and I can't wait to put them to the test! If you've used the Dark Side Holos with your stamping plates let me know in the comments :)

Disclaimer: This polish was sent to me for an honest review. 

Alright, alright, enough chatter! On to the f0t0z!

First up is VAMP! Vamp is a very, very dark - almost black - deep blue holo with tiny purple flecks. This is 2 coats of Vamp with one coat of SV.

Vamp - Micro Bottle Shot

Next up is one of my new personal favorite polishes ever, SIREN. Siren is a rich burgundy-red-purple holo with little purple flecks throughout. I really loved this color and wore it for a few days with zero wear. This is 2 coats of Siren and 1 coat of SV.

Siren - Micro Bottle Shot
Last but not least we have MINX. Minx is described as a blackened green holo with purple flecks. While it threw kind of 'black' in my photos, the green tinge was more obvious in person. This is 2 coats + 1 coat of top coat.

Minx - Micro Bottle Shot
So what do you think? I was thoroughly impressed by the coverage and formula of these pretties and the holo was gorgeous in the sun! If you've never checked out Mentality before, The Dark Side holos are a solid place to start and you will not be disappointed.

You can find Mentality on Facebook, or on Big Cartel. The Dark Side Holos are $7 each (SHIPPING INCLUDED!), or $18 for a full size trio set. And heads up international ladies! Mentality will begin shipping internationally soon!  AND if you act fast you can use SALE25 to score 25% off of your order until July 1!

WHEW that was a lot of awesome! Switching gears for a second! As I stated before, today is my 1 year blogaversary and in July I turn 29 for the first time (LOL) so my polish making and loving friends and I are going to be celebrating with a faaab giveaway starting July 1st so keep your eyes peeled for that. One of the requirements will be following this blog with GFC or Bloglovin' so if you want to get that step out of the way NOW it will save your some time later ;) I can't wait to give some stuff away! WOO!! And check out Mentality!

Anyway, if you're still with me, thanks :) Happy Hump Day! #DFTBA!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Model City Polish - Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Happy Friday!!! Hope ya'll have some awesome weekend plans!

I woke up to a lightning strike so close the house that I heard the static crack and thunder at the same time. It was awesome! Yay thunderstorms!
Today I've got a fun, black jelly for you guys! 'Wanna Be Your Boyfriend' is one of 3 Ramones inspired polishes from Model City Polish! Wanna Be Your Boyfriend is a squishy, black jelly packed with bright teal circles (DOTS!) and small holographic teal glitters. One of the things I was really pleased about was how flat these glitters laid on the nail. I also didn't have to, as my good friend Jennifer at JK Customs would say, 'grab my fishing pole' to get the glitters out - no fishing or dabbing necessary. I also didn't feel like I needed a TON of top coat to smooth it out, it did a nice job on its own. I consider layering this over black but decided against it at the last minute and applied it 'commando style'. This is 3 coats of Wanna Be Your Boyfriend over a clear base coat.

You can snag a full size bottle of 'Wanna Be Your Boyfriend' in Model City Polish's Etsy shop for $8. You can also check out Nina's other gorgeous creations on the Model City Polish Facebook page, and her blog.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Too Cute-icle Summer Fun Essentials Collection! Part 1

If you follow me on Facebook you're probably eagerly anticipating this least I hope you are! I posted a teaser shot of the new Summer Fun Essentials collection from Too Cute-icle that went on sale today in her NEW Big Cartel shop!

This is going to be pretty picture heavy so I'm going to break it into 2 parts. For reference, part one will have Bikini, Lifeguard, Hot Shades and Flippy Floppies. Part 2 will have SPF, Cut Offs, and Beach Blanket.

Each of these 3-Free polishes were swatched over a plain nude polish and would probably do best with a good pair of "undies". Although I was able to achieve full opaqueness with Bikini, Lifeguard, Cut Offs and Beach Blanket, I felt like they looked best (and you use a lot less LOL!) with a neutral underneath. Of course, these were sent to me for an honest review. Click each photo to enlarge!

So without further ado...

First up is Bikini! Bikini is a gorgeous, slightly rosy pink linear holo. This is 2 coats over nude.

Next up is Lifeguard. Lifeguard is a bright red (could throw kind of raspberry pinky-red in some lighting) linear holo. Jess suggests you wear a good base coat since red polishes can occasionally stain. I wore mine for a day and didn't notice any staining that didn't come right off with polish remover. This is one of my favs, the sparkle in it s gorgeous in the sun light. This was Mr. Fox's favorite on me.

Next we have Hot Shades! Hot Shades is a bright orange (not neon, just bright) linear holo. This was probably my least favorite but only because I don't do oranges much. Its really pretty and the sparkle and shine in the sun was gorgeous.

And last but not least for this post is Flippy Floppies! Probably my favorite name of the bunch. I mean, come on, if someone asks what you're wearing you can not say 'Flippy Floppies' without smiling. However I'm probably biased since I named this one...LOL! Flippy Floppies is a gorgeous banana yellow. It is technically a linear holo but the polish is so bright in itself that it drowns out the rainbow effect a bit. Still, its there in the sun and its gorgeous. Again, the shine and the sparkle is crazy -- its perfect for summer -- and I will definitely be wearing this one again! (Definitely click to enlarge these)

These pretties are available now HERE, $10 for a full size, $5 for a mini. They are GORGEOUS! Imagine the rainbow gradients you can do with these babies! You can also find Too Cute-icle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Want to see more gorgeous shots? Check out Pinked Polish's review of this collection here!

Too Cute-icle Summer Fun Essentials Collection! Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of Too Cute-icles Summer Fun Essentials Collection! In case you missed it, you can view part 1 here.

First up in part 2 we have SPF! SPF is a super fun, bright lime green linear holo! As with Flippy Floppies, the polish is so bright that it drowns out the holo a bit, but its still super sparkly in the sun. This is one of my favs as well, the color is outstanding! This is 2 coats of SPF over nude. Click to enlarge and see the sparkle!

CUT OFFS is my faaaavorite of the collection and the only one to contain actual glitter in addition to the holo! Seriously, this baby is GORGEOUS in the sun and inside! If you like blue, you need this. Trust me. Don't forget the base coat, blue polishes occasionally stain.

And last but not least we have Beach Blanket to round out this gorgeous collection (I think I need a new word for how amazingly beautiful these are...). Beach Blanket is the most holo-y out of the bunch and its a beautiful, bright purple.

So what is my overall impression of the collection as a whole? I love it! I love that the colors are wearable and bright but not neon. They easily pull double duty too by being somewhat understated inside (say, at work maybe), and then super flashy when you step into the sun to have some fun. My top 3 must haves: Cut Offs, Lifeguard and SPF in that order, with Flippy Floppies a very close 4th.  For her very first foray into holos I think Jess did a really great job! 

You can find Too Cute-icle's Summer Fun Essentials collection at her big cartel store here for $5-$10. You can also find Too Cute-icle on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. Want to see more gorgeous shots? Check out Pinked Polish's review of this collection here!