Monday, May 5, 2014

Chirality Duality (of Existence)

Hey guys! Long time no blog. Life is busy busy busy and its finally, sorta, not really, maybe, almost spring here in Wisconsin so I've been soaking up and rays I can before it gets TOO hot.

BUT! I am so excited to share the full Duality Of Existence collection by Chirality Polish with you! This is a super fun holo/glitter collection named with equally fun references to classic duos. I won't spoil the inspirations for you, you'll have to see if you can figure it out on your own! Just for reference, I 'got' 3 of the 4 pairs.

All photos are shown with 2-3 coats of the holo portion of the duo, and 1ish coat of its glitter counterparts over the top, + 1 coat of top coat

First up is Iceman and Maverick - This is my favorite pair of the collection. I just LOVE the lavender-blue Maverick.

Maverick - Full Sun
Maverick - Inside
Iceman - Inside

Next up is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. This is my second favorite duo. Rosencrantz is such a perfect minty green and I loved the chunky glitter combo in Guildenstern.

Rosencrantz - Full Sun
Rosencrantz - Inside
Guildenstern - Full Sun
Guildenstern - Inside
 Next up is To'hajilee and Ozymandias. These are two that I probably would not have purchased but now that I have them I LOVE THEM. They are gorgeous in person! To'hajiilee is my favorite of the pair, its such a gorgeous orange!

To'hajiilee - Full Sun
To'hajiilee - Inside
Ozymandias - Full Sun
Ozymandias - Inside
Finally, last but not least is A Major Hero and A Weiss Heroine. This one made me think but when I figured it out I totally LOL'd - KUDOS!

A Major Hero - Full Sun (OMG!)
A Major Hero - Full Sun (the sun was setting so it wasn't as bright as the others.)
A Major Hero - Inside
A Weiss Heroine - Full Sun (PINK SHIMMER!)
A Weiss Heroine - Inside

This is going to sound a little silly probably, but this collection really forced me outside of my box. I don't really do a lot of oranges or purples but I was pleasantly surprised - especially by To'hajiilee! These polishes were super easy to apply, required very little clean up, and even in mini bottles the glitter worked very well.

Chirality is available here in full and mini sizes. Full sizes for this collection are $12 each for the holo polishes, and $8 each for the glitter ones.