Sunday, January 12, 2014

Personal: A Tale Of 2 Kitties!

I shared this story on Facebook already but I wanted to put it here as well so that I don't lose it :)

6 years ago we adopted Foxy (the inspiration behind the name Fox Claws) from Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary a no kill sanctuary in northeast Wisconsin. She was one in a litter of 4 fluffy kittens - 2 white and buff, 2 white and orange - with very country themed names (Bobbi Jo, Betty Jo, Billy Jo, etc.) We've often wondered what happened to her siblings, did they grow up with the same habits, or the same attitude? Do they love catnip the way Fox loves it - violently? I mean really, if shes got a catnip toy in her grasp don't try to pet her unless you aren't terribly fond of keeping your hand.

Last night my dear friend Cathleen and I were sitting at the ice cream shop in town talking about her new kitty Shilo and how much Foxy and Shilo look alike. Fox is considered 'buff' and kind of blonde while Shilo is more orange but their markings are so similar, even the rings on their super fluffy tails are the same.

Cathleen adopted Shilo from Happily Ever After when Shilo's previous owners returned her. There is a clause that essentially states that if you adopt an animal from HEA and for whatever reason you need to surrender the animal you agree to return him/her to HEA rather than sticking them in a shelter. So Shilo, who was adopted from HEA as a kitten, was returned to HEA 6 years later and adopted by Cathleen.

Tonight we did some detective work and discovered that Shilo and Foxy's original adoption papers match!! Their birth date (April 2008), first immunization dates, original NAMES (Betty Jo and Bobbi Jo) all match and they have similar microchip numbers!

Cathleen contacted HEA's founder Amanda who helped us confirm that our sweet fluffy kitties are indeed SISTERS! What are the odds?

Happily Ever After relies on volunteers and donations to keep its doors open. Every animal adopted into their furever home opens a spot for another little life to be saved. If you loved our story, please consider making a donation to HEA or your local shelter or no-kill facility. Every dollar counts and is tax deductible. If you prefer not to donate cash take a look at their wishlist.  :)  Foxy and Shilo thank you!

PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS AND BARN ANIMALS! Check with your vet or local shelter for low-cost or free clinics.