Thursday, August 16, 2012


I was doing my nails last night and I had all these questions circulating in my head about nail care, techniques, whats good, whats bad...etc. And then I thought that FOR SURE other people have these questions too! 


So in a couple of weeks I want to do a blog with YOUR questions, and have other bloggers/members of our community answer them for you! 

HAVE A QUESTION?  You can submit/answer questions on Facebook, or shoot me a private message, leave a blog post comment or e-mail me (thefoxclaws[at]gmail) with your question and I'll find someone who can answer it. Then I'll put it all together in a *hopefully* lengthy blog post and maybe we can all learn something new :)

HAVE AN ANSWER?  Copy/paste the question and submit it along with your answer to any of my contacts. I will attempt to give proper credit to the answer-er in each instance but please understand that I'm sure there will be a lot of similar answers so I'll do my best.

I'll be posting questions periodically on Facebook and asking for answer input. You can also find a list of questions here that i'll keep updated as much as possible:

BLOGGERS: If you share this post with your followers and want to submit answers from your fans, please let me know so I can cite you for collaborating :)

If you have any questions I am easily reachable at any of the contact links in this post, or on the contact page on the blog.

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