Monday, August 6, 2012

Pippa likes Jelly Bean, hates Seche Vite

So I've been going a little bonkers on Copious with credits because:
A. I don't own a money tree, and
B. I can find indies that would typically cost me around $10 (shipping included) for much less with free shipping + credits.

The problem with Copious (or E-bay, or any other '2nd hand' type online shopping areas) is that when you don't buy from the manufacturer or maker there is no guarantee on what you're actually going to receive. For instance, I ordered a Dollish Polish 'Expecto Patronum' mini from Copious that had been "swatched one time." When I received it the glitter had settled (as glitter sometimes does), but it seemed to be really if it had been sitting for a LONG time. Even a good mix and shake didn't really fix it. Meh. On the upside, in my curious frustration to get the glitter to mix into the white instead of clinging happily (UNHAPPILY) to the sides of the bottle, I managed to just about dupe it with a couple other polishes I had in my stash. After some experimentation I just decided to add a few drops of 'another glitter polish' to my EP mini, shake it up, and in the end you would NEVER know the difference. Yay for kitchen table polish experiments. (Authors note: I am certain that the bottle I received had been sitting for a long time. Please don't turn this into some crazy FOX HATES DOLLFACE Facebook drama because there is no drama and I absolutely LOVE Dollish Polish!)

OH GAD, way off topic. Sorry...moving on.

Pippa likes Jelly Bean, hates Seche Vite...

My Dear Pippa,
You and I have a long and storied love-hate relationship (cue cheesy flashback scene of Pippa and I playing ring around the rosy, running through tall fields of wild flowers, and thumbing cake batter at each others faces.) I love your bright sunny color, your shiny cream finish, and your...your...well that's about it.

Truth be told, Zoya's Pippa pisses me off. Its such a gorgeous color, but the application is rough. Its thick, streaky, gobby, doesn't even itself out very well (even with a top coat), and for whatever reason it suffers polish shrinkage like a...well you know, unless I flood my cuticles to make sure that I completely cover every little millimeter of it. Even the brush gives me heart palpitations. AHH THE STRESS SHE BRINGS ME! None of my other Zoya's give me such a headache so maybe I just got a bad bottle. If you have Pippa and you don't experience any issues with it please let me know. I'm curious.
EDIT: I decided to check out the reviews on Zoya's website and I guesss I'm not the only one! The very first review says, "I love the color, but for whatever reason Zoya screwed up their formula with this color. It`s bubbly, thick and messy as all get out."

Robin Eggs by Whoppers
I managed to snag a mini bottle of Candeo Colors (now available at Llarowe!) Jelly Bean which has been on my wish list since the moment I first saw it. I grew up about 5 minutes away from one of the few Jelly Belly factories in the world, so needless to say me and Jelly Beans (bellys!) go WAAAY back. THIS Jelly Bean is a cute, pastel yellow jelly with pink, purple, and teal blue hexes and squares, and a variety of tiny micro glitters (I see gold, green, pink, and fuchsia.) Crimson at So U Nails & Such commented on my Facebook picture saying that it reminded her of those "Easter Egg malted milk balls" she used to get as a kid. YES! Thats exactly what it reminded me of too. Now I need some chocolate. Grr.

Layered by itself its a nice pastel yellow jelly which would be super cute for spring, but since its summer I wanted something a little brighter. I decided to use it as a top coat over Zoya's Pippa, hence the rant earlier. The color combo isn't a groundbreaking, "OH GIRL I NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT" kind of choice, but I absolutely love it. Its bright, its fun, it looks like candy, I love it.

As far as the formula goes, its fantastic! Takes a few coats to make it opaque enough to hide your free edge but that's a common characteristic of jelly polishes. Layer this over white or another color for faster application. One of my favorite things about it, other than the fact that its adorable, is that I don't have to fish for glitter! EUREKA! It applied very smoothly and didn't require a heaping helping of Seche Vite to make my nails feel smooth.

All around, I gave it an A+! Pippa gets a C-...

- Be careful when ordering indies from Copious.
- Candeo's Jelly Bean is freaking adorable.
- Pippa is a beeyatch.
- Chocolate FTW. 
- FTW means 'For The Win' for all my non-gaming friends ;)

<3 Fox


  1. Oh, my God! I was reading your rant about Pippa nodding my head and going, "Yes! Yes! Yesssss!" in agreement. I just recently did a manicure with Pippa, and even with me using two coats of white first and only one coat of Pippa, and there was still bubbling, smudging, and I redid it THREE times before it actually dried properly. Shame because it truly is the prettiest yellow creme I own.

    1. I am both happy and sad to know its not just mine. You're right, it is pretty much the prettiest canary yellow cream, so I put up with it just for the color. My bottle is about half way gone...Maybe I'll franken the rest and just buy a new bottle. ;)

  2. Your nails look so yummy :D Shame about Pippa, it's a very pretty color. And thanks for the shout-out !

    1. Thanks Crimson! I agree...freaking Pippa. Hahaha. As for the shout out, you're welcome! Thanks for being awesome :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for your feedback on the photos! As I figure out how to really make this blog work, I'm pleased to know that I'm on the right track :) I believe these were both taken with my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII). The photos I took with my 'big' camera came out too dark. Figures. Haha Thanks again!

  4. such a cute combo, god, I'm craving some mini eggs right now!

    1. AHHHHH MINI EGGS ARE MY FAVORITE in their cute purple bag! That sounds sooo good right now!

  5. Awesome review!! Very thorough and honest. I wonder what it is about yellow polishes and their crappy formulas. *thinking face*
    Anyhoo, I am your newest blog follower :D Your blog is awesome!!

    1. THANK YOU! :)) That is so sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed reading my rant and rave hehe. I don't know what the deal is with yellows, its frustrating! Its such a fun color but it seems like if its not done exactly right then its a massive flop. Theres an indie yellow out there (I think its a Twee & Honey one) that is supposed to be amazing. We should try that one ;)

    2. This one: