Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TRY IT ON TUESDAY! - 3 birds, 1 stone

Greetings Foxlings!

I FINALLY remembered to TRY IT ON TUESDAY! For those of you who are totally lost right now, TIOT is a weekly challenge from Jilltastic Nail Designs which challenges polish-aholics (not the blogger, the general polish loving community) to dig deep into their stash and TRY a previously UNTRIED polish. You know the one...its been collecting dust for lord knows how long under your bathroom sink, in your polish bag, at the top or bottom of your rack, etc... (Rack *gigglesticks*)

Anyway, this week I decided to try a polish I have only ever swatched on a nail wheel but have owned for at least a year. It's a random, no name, no number, periwinkle purpley-blue from Lane Bryant! Truth be told I only bought it because it was marked down to 99 cents (+ my employee discount brought it down to like 70 cents), so I bought one of every color and have probably only used 1 for anything more than a swatch. Its not much to look at on a wheel but its pretty when you add some Seche Vite on top.

Because I typically don't just do a cream on its own, I decided to layer on some China Glaze - Skyscraper, another untried (though that's going to change because its freaking gorgeous!) that I got on clearance at Ulta some time ago. AND I used a make-up sponge to create the 'french tips' quickly instead of having to wait for the base to dry and tape it off....another first. Not too shabby for my first time around the block if I do say so myself.

P.s. That last photo doesn't have a top coat on it which is why it looks so matte and awful. I forgot ;)

If you're looking for the LB color, we don't carry it anymore. The brush is awful, the formula can be compared to Zoya's Pippa (click here for my Pippa rant...), and since it doesn't have a name it would be impossible to order. I'm certain that there are comparable colors in some national brands though so if anyone can think of anything that might be a good dupe, please let us know in the comments beeellloooowwwww. Much appreciated! Thanks!!

- TL;DR has been fixed to display proper punctuation.
- KYOTI now offers the quest: Punctuation police!
- Seche Vite is working as intended
- Fox Claws should now perform properly during scheduled Tuesday maintenance (i.e. TIOT). 
- Fox Claws is a nerd.
- Stillllll talking in 3rd person.
- Logging in to PVP now...kthxbai!

Want more TIOT? Check out my friend Jess at Too Cute-icle for her first TIOT post too!


  1. awww look, we plugged each other in our blog posts! LOL. I like the blue <3 we switched our nail colors today, did u notice? i'm pink and ur blue!

    1. Well hell, I probably would have forgotten had it not been for you LOL!

      Also, thats what friends are for ;)

  2. I *adore* Skyscraper, and would have never thought to use it with that color - love it!!

    1. I like it tooo! Such a pretty blue. <3 Thanks :)))