Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Daring Digits - Girls Night Out


So anyone who knows me knows I'm a 'pink' girl. Pinks are by far the most prevalent color in my collection, followed by other lighter, natural type colors, then reds. I don't generally go for darker colors unless its October-ish or its a special occasion that warrants stepping outside the box...BUT...

Some time ago Ashley from Daring Digits did a free shipping sale thingy on Etsy and Jess at Too Cute-icle was raving about 'Girls Night Out'. Admittedly I hadn't seen it before, but the bottle shot looked nice so I gave it a go and snagged a mini GNO, and Mini Ice Age (as well as a couple others for Jess that I need to mail her....oops. They're coming I SWEARS it!)

Anyway, work has been kind of rough lately so I was sitting at my kitchen table, wanting to paint (and at the same time not wanting to do anything) and feeling uninspired, I reached for some random pink polish that was sitting in my stash. I finished my mani, started to take photos of it, and then it hit me. I WAS JUST NOT FEELING PINK TONIGHT, and I was not going to settle. I took it off.

I've been dying to try 'The best one coat black evaaar', Wet & Wild's Black Creme so I figured I'd give Girls Night Out a shot. I did 2 thinn coats of Black Creme (it really is a 1 coat black though, I was just playing it safe), and 2 thin coats of GNO, which is kind of a dark, sheer grey when it comes out of the bottle. (For kicks I tried a coat of it over white and just made the nail look 'dirty' LOL) The formula is nice, it covers evenly and isn't too runny, or too thick. I was very happy with the application of Girls Night Out. It was just easy!

I'm not even kidding you...I finished my left hand, put a top coat on, raced upstairs to my fiance and said, "OH MY GOD ISN'T THIS THE FREAKING PRETTIEST POLISH EVER?!?!?!" He just raised his eyebrows, obviously too overwhelmed by my enthusiasm. Even my 13 year old step-son took notice, "WOW its got purple, and blue, and green, and yell-gold. Hey...caaaaan boys wear nail polish?" Yell-gold. Yes - It's a color. Also, could you imagine this as the background to a galaxy mani? Gorgeous.

It was kind of liberating for me. So 'rebellious' with the black, plus the gorgeous bling factor of all the micro shimmers...Its just....AHH. Its perfect, and a color that I will most definitely reach for again.  If you don't have it, get it. Its a MUST have in the stash IMHO. I hope the photos do it SOME justice (they won't, who am I kidding). And for the life of me I couldn't get a decent bottle shot. GRRRRRRRR. Ah well, if you're interested in picking up some Girls Night Out (or any of her other amazeball polishes) you can visit the Daring Digits Etsy Shop, or on Facebook.

- Girls Night Out is a MUST have.
- W&W Black Creme is a 1 coat black.
- Fox Claws fails on lack of decent bottle shot (anyone have one they want me to feature?)
- Yell-gold.
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  1. That IS some NICE polish! I'm both needing & dreading changing mine (darn sparkles, lol)...& now your making me wanna go dark too!! =)

    1. Its soooooo pretty! I got a lot of compliments from customers at work. Like I said in the post, I'll definitely be reaching for this one again. I LOVED it.

  2. Nice rack.

    You should try using that polish for a galaxy-mani. I think it will be gorgeous

    1. Is it immature to giggle a little inside when I read, "Nice rack"? Hehehehehe

      And I agree! Perhaps i'll give it a shot! If I do, I will definitely share with you lovely ladies :))

  3. Soooo pretty!

    PST! You got an award!