Saturday, August 24, 2013

Husbands Just Don't Understand!

Purchased By Me

OH MY LAWD is it Sunday already?! *Grumble*

Before we get to the pretties I have some important shop news:

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I have a stunner for you today from Above The Curve! I saw Angel and Shawn post a photo of it a couple weeks ago and I didn't even hesitate, I HAD to have it! And so it was done....bought and paid for LOL!

HUSBANDS JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND  is a teal-forest green beauty with a pinch of scattered holo and flecks of blue and green shimmers. Though not technically a 'holo' its got that same glow-y depth that holos often have and the shine factor on this is through the roof. While you definitely could get away with one coat (it leans to the thick side), I went ahead and did 2 just to make sure everything evened out properly and was definitely NOT disappointed. Topped that baby off with 1 coat of KBShimmers 'Clearly On Top' top coat and off I went!

OH! Just a heads up! I did have to edit these slightly for color - with the exception of the comparison photo at the end - because they photographed really blue. On MY computer screen, this is as close to real life as I could get it. Stunning right!?

And just for kicks, here is Husbands Just Don't Understand vs. A-Englands 'Saint George'. To the naked eye they were VERY close, but again, in photos, HJDU came out a bit blue. I left this photo unedited so you could see.

You can snag Husbands Just Don't Understand HERE (they're on sale for $7 right now!) AND $1 from every bottle sold is donated to Shriner's Hospitals for Children! You can also find Above The Curve on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer: This item was purchase BY ME. <3

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  1. I had no idea this was so close to St. George...thanks for the comparison :)

    1. You bet! =D I still feel like I'd need both of them, but HJDU is much easier to get your hands on :D

  2. Replies
    1. Its in stock and on sale! (Or it was last night anyway!)

  3. Replies
    1. <3 Angel and Shawn do some awesome stuff with polish :D