Friday, August 16, 2013

Different Dimension GLOWIES

Disclaimer: Some or all of the products in this review were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way

Confession: I am a relatively well adjusted 29 year old...BUT...seeing my nails glow in the dark at bed time = instant 5 year old! I mean I charged these babies up, switched the light off, and rolled around giggling in the dark, waving them around like I was at a rave, or imagining that this is what it would look like if I could shoot magic from my fingertips. Mr. Fox even commented that 'someday you'll grow up' weeeellllllll SORRY BABY, but NOPE! THEY GLOW. My nails freaking glow! And I like there!

Tonight I have 2 AWESOME, 3-free, glow in the dark beauties from Different Dimension - 'Merry Go Round' and 'Light It Up Blue'. Both of these fabulous finds glow a gorgeous blue, and are super bright for a few minutes after you charge them (it doesn't take much - the flash on my phone did a fabulous job LOL) and continue to glow for a good long time. I should have timed it but I fell asleep every time I tried so you'll just have to snag these and test it out yourself. Sorries!

 'Merry Go Round' is described as a white "crelly" base packed with various shapes and sizes of pink, blue, silver, black and fuchsia glitters...AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. WOOT! There is a lot going on with this baby from squares to circles to hexes - its like a party for your finger tips. This is 3 coats of Merry Go Round with 2 coats of a quick dry top coat. The glow in the dark pigment may feel a little gritty so an extra coat of top coat will help smooth it out.

'Light It Up Blue' was inspired by Autism Speaks, World Autism Day, and Missi's 2 autistic sons. This beauty packs silver and blue holographic glitters and large white hexes into a light blue jelly base that, surprise, GLOWS BLUE IN THE DARK. Also for each bottle sold, Missi donates $2 to the charity organization, Autism Speaks. How awesome is that? I layered 2 coats of 'Light It Up Blue' over Essies 'Rock The Boat' plus 2 coats of top coat.

Just for reference, here's what 'Rock The Boat' looks like without 'Light It Up Blue'...

YAY! What do YOU think about glow polish? Let me know in the comments below! You can find more of Missi's gorgeous polish in her Etsy shop: Different Dimension as well as on Llarowe. She can also be found on Insagram @Missibarry and Facebook. Full sizes range from $8.50-$12.00 and she also offers minis of most of her creations! Not convinced? Click here to read browse all of my Different Dimension reviews.

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