Sunday, November 11, 2012

JindieNails - Review Part 2

For part 2 of my JindieNails review (you can find part one, here) I present to you Oh, U Fancy, Huh? and Water 4 Elephants.

Oh, U Fancy, Huh? is a gorgeous, glitter packed clear base with neon pink and purple matte hexes, teal shiny hexes, and teal squares. It was another one of those surprise loves! I tried it over white, pink, purple, and black, and while I think it looked fabulous over pretty much anything (seriously, do a quick google search, everyone who has tried this polish has a different color combination and they all rock!), I loved it the most over black. The matte glitters tones it down from being an all out bling fest, but the shiny hexes glam it up and make it pop. It applied very well, and with a topcoat over it, was not gritty at all. Zero placement necessary and great coverage! This is two light coats over black. (Click to enlarge)

Water 4 Elephants is really unique and gorgeous. It was inspired by the book and movie starring Robert Pattinson and whats her name...uhhh...LOL. (Just kidding, totally not a RPatz fan girl...I'm team Jacob.) Jen describes it as "multiple shapes and sizes of blue and green [glitter] along with iridescent glitter and color shifting glitter and color shifting sparkle pigment all in a gray creme/jelly base." I played around with this all on its own, but there was VNL after 3 thin coats so I decided to use undies.This is 2 thin coats over Sally Hansen's Wet Cement.  Prepare for compliments on your nails, ladies! Photos don't do it justice.  (Click to enlarge)
Note: I wasn't able to get a natural light/sun photo of this because I swatched it during a week that Wisconsin saw NO sun. *sigh* I love this polish though so I will reach for it again, hopefully during a time when the sun decides it wants to come out and play. I'll be working on a light box soon to avoid crappy, inconsistent photos. The actual color is most closely represented in the flash photos.

My overall experience with JindieNails, both on a customer service level AND with her polishes has been incredibly positive.  The variety, quality and artistry in her polishes makes shopping her Etsy store like swimming in a pool full of fun sized chocolate Halloween candy; no matter which direction you go, you're going to find something you like.

Jen is rolling out her new WINTER CHIC collection on November 18, 2012 but there are already some holiday inspired polishes in her shop right NOW! are going to NEED Grinch, and Just Elfing Around is GORGEOUS. AND if you are a holo lover, Mrs. Claws and Blue Blue X-mas are going to be on your wish list in a heartbeat. Check out her Etsy store here.

- If you don't own a single indie, Jindie is a GREAT place to start.
- Breaking Dawn Part 2 Count Down from RIGHT now: 5 days. It better be epic.
- Added Just Elfing Around to my Wish List *hint hint*
- Prediction: Burrrberry is going to be a MUST have when Winter Chic launches
- Don't forget to enter our giveaway! 15 prizes! link below!


  1. gorgeous glitters, I love the Oh, U Fancy, Huh?

    1. They are gorg! I do too! Thanks for stopping by, Tintin!