Friday, March 1, 2013

OCM - Week 3 Update

Oi...this was a rough week for my skin. Not only have I eaten like a freaking pig this week, I have been drinking soda like its going like its going out of style. In addition to a crappy diet, its the end of the month so I have a bunch of reports due at work that stress me the heck out. Its clearly showing on my skin. However, I am pimple free and that in itself is pretty freaking cool. I did refill my oil dispenser this week so its entirely possible that I got the mix wrong. I think I need a touch more Castor oil...I am feeling pretty 'hydrated'.

The photos from this week are not be honest they're a little sad...but I am going to to embrace being zit free. Soooo yay for that.


Soooo as you can see, bummers. BUT, zit free. Small victories, right? <3

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