Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Nails for 2013

I almost forgot to post this! EEK!!

Its a rainy Halloween here in Green Bay tonight and we've had 1 'trick or treater' in the last 2 and a half hours. Bums...

Anyway, here are my Halloween nails - the classic bloody mani!  This is 2 coats of Essie 'Mademoiselle' as a base, and I used ORLY 'Grave Mistake' for the blood. This might be the most perfect color EVER for blood. Its a buildable color so the thicker you apply it, the darker it becomes. I LOVE it. The color is most accurate in the 3rd photo.

This mani is SUPER simple and, while it kind of looks a bit messy up close, at a normal distance it looks fantastic! I got lots of compliments! Whats on your nails!?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

LIMITED EDITION: Too Cute-icle Hibiscus In Bloom

Purchased By Me

OKAY SO...I love pink! There, I said it...I've probably said it before. I'll probably say it again... *sigh* I'm predictable.

Anyway, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month (it's also Domestic Violence Awareness month, Bullying Awareness month, National Cyber Security Awareness month, National Dental Hygiene month, National Pizza month...OMG there's a lot) and I would be remiss if I didn't post at least one pink mani in support of finding a cure and supporting our wonderful, bouncing lady...lovelies.

Too Cute-icle's Limited Edition (STILL AVAILABLE HERE - only 32 bottles made!) Hibiscus In Bloom is a stunning raspberry pink linear holo that sparkles indoors and out. Its not an in your face kind of holo which makes it great for a somewhat more conservative work place, but it still packs a gorgeous punch in the sun. I, unfortunately, was not able to find the sun when I swatched this beauty so these photos are all inside with flash or a daylight mimicking light.

This is 2 coats of Hibiscus In Bloom topped with KBShimmer's Clearly On Top top coat.

This beauty is only available for a limited time and there are only 15 left (as of tonight) so if you want it you better snag it soon! Hibiscus In Bloom can be found at Too Cute-icle's shop for $10. LOVE IT!

All Holiday and Christmas rack orders must be placed by November 2, 2013 - order deadline date is subject to change based on demand and availability. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Incoco Halloween Fright Night Collection 2013

Press Sample

Hey ghouls! (Yup...I said it. Wanna fight about it?)

Incoco sent me their 2013 Halloween collection and I was immediately excited to give them another try! If you recall, my first experience with Incoco was not so fab, but so many of you told me that you loved Incoco and that I definitely needed to try here we are!

I don't know what I did differently this time, other than taking my time a little bit more, but the strips applied so much more easily! After I stuck the strip on and smoothed it out, I rubbed the hell out of each nail to make sure they sealed properly around my cuticle and along my free edge. Short, gentle, downward filing sealed the tips nicely - no puckering edges this time around. I've now had these babies on for over 24 hours and they have survived 1 shower, 1 small load of dishes, 3 thorough face washes, and 1 full shift at Lane Bryant and they still look great! Plus I got tons of compliments to boot! These strips are definite attention grabbers :)

The 2 sets I have for you today are Fright Night and After Dark. I really loved both of these sets and thought they would look amazing together! After Dark is a gorgeous black (Incoco's website says its a dark purple) 'creme' to brilliant orange glitter gradient (ombre) strip that is really stunning on its own. I LOVE the bright orange bling against the black (dark purple?). For as thin as the strips are I was a little concerned about it covering my smile line completely but you can't see it at all!

Fright Night is just freaking perfect! Each nail strip is a little bit different but all of them feature adorably spooky haunted houses with headstones, zombies and bats 'stamped' over the same gorgeous orange glitter featured on After Dark. The detail on these strips is really great! I think my favorite one is the one on my middle finger in the photos below - I love the hand coming up from the ground!

And here they are together! LOVE. IT.

After Dark, Fright Night, Fright Night, After Dark

So...What do you think? This experience has definitely renewed my faith in Incoco and I am really looking forward to showing you guys the other 2 sets soon (they glow in the dark!)

To purchase real nail polish appliques from Incoco visit their website: These strips are available for a limited time and cost $8.99 each. You can also find Incoco on Facebook and Instagram.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Usurper - Chirality Limited Edition

Purchased By Me

Confession: I feel like a little bit of a jerk for posting this one because its a limited edition and no longer available, but I have to post it because A. it's gorgeous and B. it's another fantastic example of the awesomeness that is Chirality Nail Polish. So if you like green holos open up your wishlist document and get ready to add this baby!

The Usurper is a stunning mossy, grassy green holo limited edition (only 30 bottles exist!) from September 2013. The formula is typical of all Chirality polishes that I own and provides fantastic even coverage with every stroke of the brush. I wore this baby for 6 days with my KB Shimmer 'Clearly On Top' top coat, and it stayed gorgeous all week long. I've been testing out QTICA's Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator drops  ($7.50 from Planet Beauty) for about a month now and they are fan freaking-tastic! I was pleased to see that the drops did not dull the holo effect, and the stuff dries in record time so I didn't have to worry about smudging it either. I apply it over a quick dry top coat and I can go from wet nails to buttoning my skinny jeans in about 10 minutes without having to worry about really goofing something up. So thumbs up for that...

BUT ANYWAY back to The Usurper! Here is 2 coats of The Usurper over naked nail + quick dry top coat and QTICA's Half Time drops...

And juuuuuust because...

The Usurper is not available for purchase from Chirality at this time, but please take a few moments to visit and peruse their store for other gorgeous creations here! AsymptoteKatydid and Kale are all gorgeous greens, and I have done a post on the ever popular Apollonia as well!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Above The Curve Neons & Holo - Part 2

Press Sample

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of the 2 part Above The Curve Neon collection with their gorgeous linear holo top coat - today we have part 2!

Disclaimer: Some or all of the products in this review were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

As with yesterdays swatches, all photos show 3 coats (unless noted) of polish over a naked nail + KB Shimmer 'Clearly On Top' top coat.

First up is Neon Yellow! This baby is highlighter yellow! There is also a subtle blue/green shimmer. Of the whole set I think I applied a 4th coat for this one to try and smooth it out a bit more and gain a little more coverage. The color is gorgeous though and will definitely make a statement!

Neon Yellow + Holo Top Coat
Note: I was a little bit bummed at first that the holo changed the color of the yellow so much but it ended up turning such a stunning shade of lime green! Woot!

And finally we have Neon Green! This baby is also the color of your favorite green highlighter. At the time of this post Neon Green was not available in their shop but if you ask nicely maybe they'll list it :)

Neon Green + Holo Top Coat

And close ups of all the holos JUST because!

You can snag the entire Neon Collection here at Above The Curve's store. They're on sale for $36  for the set of 6 (topper included) or $7 each, or the holo top coat can be found here for $7. AND $1 from every bottle sold is donated to Shriner's Hospitals for Children! You can also find Above The Curve on Facebook and Instagram.