Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Usurper - Chirality Limited Edition

Purchased By Me

Confession: I feel like a little bit of a jerk for posting this one because its a limited edition and no longer available, but I have to post it because A. it's gorgeous and B. it's another fantastic example of the awesomeness that is Chirality Nail Polish. So if you like green holos open up your wishlist document and get ready to add this baby!

The Usurper is a stunning mossy, grassy green holo limited edition (only 30 bottles exist!) from September 2013. The formula is typical of all Chirality polishes that I own and provides fantastic even coverage with every stroke of the brush. I wore this baby for 6 days with my KB Shimmer 'Clearly On Top' top coat, and it stayed gorgeous all week long. I've been testing out QTICA's Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator drops  ($7.50 from Planet Beauty) for about a month now and they are fan freaking-tastic! I was pleased to see that the drops did not dull the holo effect, and the stuff dries in record time so I didn't have to worry about smudging it either. I apply it over a quick dry top coat and I can go from wet nails to buttoning my skinny jeans in about 10 minutes without having to worry about really goofing something up. So thumbs up for that...

BUT ANYWAY back to The Usurper! Here is 2 coats of The Usurper over naked nail + quick dry top coat and QTICA's Half Time drops...

And juuuuuust because...

The Usurper is not available for purchase from Chirality at this time, but please take a few moments to visit and peruse their store for other gorgeous creations here! AsymptoteKatydid and Kale are all gorgeous greens, and I have done a post on the ever popular Apollonia as well!

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