Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mentality 'Foxy'!

I had really intended to get this post out earlier this evening but SURPRISE! Parent-Teacher conferences happening tonight! WOOT! I actually really love this part about being a 'future step-mom'. My 'step son' (not legally, but its easier to say than 'my fiance's son') goes to a really awesome school for children with physical and developmental disabilities so its always neat to see what they're working on because its very different from traditional school. Hes at the age right now too where school is "fine" and he "forgets" what he has learned while he was there so we never quite know what hes up to, or how hes doing (all that information is shipped home to his mom and we get left out of the loop...Grrr.) Anyway, when we dropped by to speak with his teacher we were excited to find out that hes moved up to the "middle/high school" rotating schedule classes like a more traditional school and he has LOTS of teachers. Needless to say our 15 minute conference turned into a 2 hour affair - but it was so awesome. We also found out hes kind of Mr. Popular on campus - which in hindsight might explain the attitude at home recently, or it might just be that hes 14 and, well, hes 14. I forget hes a teenager sometimes, seems like just yesterday he was 8 and still sleeping with his nightlight on. Time flies man.

ANYWAY, time did fly tonight and its 8pm (it's after 9pm now, I got distracted by Glee) and I still don't have this post done but since I teased you all with a swatch on Facebook earlier in the day I think its important to get this out before bed time.

So, this is probably one of the most interesting polishes in my stash. I had to have Mentality's 'Foxy' from the moment I saw it, partly because of the kick ass name, but also because I didn't think I had anything in my stash quite like it.  Foxy is a totally unique red-brown scattered holo with a greenish-gray color shift that shimmers like crazy in the sun, and flashes its gorgeous green-opalescent shift indoors. Foxy is also part of Mentality's 'Stamper' collection meaning its suitable for stamping plates. I used 2 coats plus top coat for the following photos.

Indoor Lighting
Indoor Lighting
Blurred for sparklies!
Direct Sun

Is that not a perfect polish for fall? I will definitely wear this one again. Foxy applies like a champ (like all Mentality polishes really) and cleans up easy as pie with no staining.

Where can you find this beauty?

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