Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mentality Nail Polish - The (Sparkly) Microglitters - Part 2

Disclaimer: Some or all of the products in this review were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

WOOT! Mentality pretties part 2! If you missed part 1, click here!

I am so in love with these! They're fantastic - full coverage in 2 coats, they smooth out very well under a thick top coat, and the bling on these puppies is cray! The full Microglitter collection is HUGE and includes shiny and matte options. You can browse them all here, and in their Etsy shop!

First up in part 2 is my #1 favorite of the group, Exuberant! Exuberant is a mix of rich baby blue, black and silver glitters. This is 2 coats over a naked nail, plus top coat.

Next up is Tickled! Tickled is a mix of fuchsia-ey purple, back and silver microglitters. This is 2 coats on a naked nail plus top coat.

Last but not least is Gregarious! Gregarious is the exact opposite of Social (See Part 1) and is an elegant mix of black and silver microglitters. As with the others, this is 2 coats over naked nail plus top coat.

You can find Mentality Nail Polish HERE at their Big Cartel shop, and on EtsyFacebook, and on Instagram! Mentality Nail Polish also offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders! Which one is your favorite!? 


  1. All three are gorgeous but I think tickled & gregarious are just yummy, I love the depth in the glitters, they look amazing! How was removal?

    1. Removal was cake because I used a peely base coat but I imagine it would be similar to any glitter bomb if you use a 'regular' base. :D