Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jaded, Pearly Queen, and the paper cut

Ahhhh finally got to change my polish. Last Friday I was organizing a new filing cabinet at work and got an awful paper cut. It went half way to my first knuckle from the cuticle on my middle finger (and in true ME style, immediately posted a photo on Facebook). Needless to say it bled, it hurt, and I got to flip my boss off without actually flipping him off. Win.

Another downside to the slice, other then those mentioned above, was that I couldn't was scared to change my polish because as we all know: acetone + open wounds = OW! Wooo!

In my Big Lots haul from Friday I picked up some Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry duo packs for $2.00 each. One those those packs I bought specifically for Jaded - a cool, creamy, minty green. Since it was late and I wanted to be in bed by midnight I figured that a Top Speed Fast Dry polish would be the ticket.

It wasn't.

I opted for thin, 'even' coats that I could build on since I knew that Jaded was a little on the thicker side from swatching it on a nail wheel over the weekend. First coat was about what you'd expect. Streaky and uneven. Surely it will get better wont it? Meh, no, not really.

I ended up with 2 thin coats, 1 normal coat, and 4th touch up coat to try and even out the streaks and gobs. After all of that, and maybe its just me, but I feel like I can still see my free edge! Grrrr.

Anyway, I loved the color, but I wasn't crazy about the coverage so I layered Deborah Lippmann - 'Pearly Queen' ($6 - TJ Maxx find) over the top which gave it some beautiful iridescent sheen. Seriously. In the sun these claws shine like a mermaids tail. Thanks Pearly Queen, you saved Jaded!
Edit: There was no sun today! I had fully intended to take a photo of this in direct sunlight so that you could really get a feel for the iridescent-ness of Pearly Queen, but alas, it rained. There IS a decent photo of it on my Facebook.

While its a pretty mani on its own, it's not really 'me'. Oh well, can't say I didn't try!


Revlons Top Speed 'Jaded' - Mint Green. Slightly on the thicker side, streaky application, not quite opaque after 3 coats. Color was pretty true to bottle.

Deborah Lippmann 'Pearly Queen' - Gorgeous greeny-blue iridescent shimmer, sheer top coat (think mermaid, fish scales...well maybe not fish scales...ew) Applied like a dream, very thin. Evened out nicely. Multiple coats didn't appear to achieve additional shimmer benefits.


  1. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

    1. Thanks! I most definitely will check it out :)