Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My First Post!

Welcome to Fox Claws!

For my first post I'd like to introduce myself and give you the run down on how I became interested in nails and nail art.

My name is Cara, I'm 28 years old, I live in the mid-west and I am addicted to 2 things: Lip Balm (specifically loving Baby Lips at the moment), and NAIL POLISH.

A nail biter my whole life, I always envied my mothers beautiful, long nails. She rarely polished them, but they were the kind of nails that polish enthusiasts would kill for. Strong, smooth, beautiful. She used to scold me for chewing my nails down the the skin, and gnawing on my cuticles like a wild animal but I didn't care. I was a busy, outdoorsy kind of girl who didn't have time to worry about make up, let alone nails.

In 2010 that all changed. A friend of mine from elementary school (Hi Rochelle!) got a Konad set from her sister and posted some photos of her mani on her Facebook. I had never ever seen anything so beautiful on a nail before! Even back in 5th grade the girl was talented with exceptional attention to detail and limitless creativity. Anyway, at that very moment I was hooked. I immediately ordered a Konad starter set and set about growing my nubbins out. I carried cuticle oil and a nail file with me everywhere! It didn't take long for me to get used to having a free edge (remember, I went 26 years without one...) and soon I was scouring the interwebz for tips and tricks.

Fast forward 2 years, and here I am. I started this blog as a way to meet other nail and nail art enthusiasts, and to further my knowledge about this fantastic hobby. I'm not entirely sure what this blog will end up containing, be it swatches, art, reviews...I imagine the possibilities are endless. But I'll figure it out someday, and I hope YOU the reader will help me get there.

Oh, why 'Fox Claws' you ask? Fox has been a gaming name (GIRL GAMERS FTW!) for years! And it just happens to be my kitties name.


  1. Welcome! I hope you are able to see lots of stuff you like and have fun sharing what you know and have :-)

    1. Hi Jessica!
      Thank you :) I do too! I've been trolling FB pages and nail boards for a couple of years but just now decided to integrate myself into it a little bit. I'm excited :)