Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My First Enchanted Polish!

AMIGAD I'm not even going to lie, I happy danced around my living room when the order went through on her last restock. Not only did I snag my first Enchanted Polish, but I snagged the CARE BEAR INSPIRED beauty 'Freeze Machine'! For pretty much my whole life my nickname has been Carebear (or just 'Bear' as my dad calls me), and as a kid I had every single Care Bear plush toy, movie, bed sheet set, figurine, etc. you could buy. I'm an only child, I may have been spoiled...maybe.

I can't even describe this polish. Its a glitter bomb of awesome! There are hexes, squares, shreds, micro bars, micro glitter...I swear the clouds parted, the sun shone, and angels sang hymns when I opened this bottle....

Anyway, I won't drone on and on. This is going to be a super pic heavy post because I couldn't decide on undies for Freeze Machine. This is ONE COAT of 'Freeze Machine' over Butter London 'Royal Navy' and Sinful Colors 'Ardoise'. 

Butter London - Royal Navy
Butter London - Royal Navy
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Royal Navy'
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Royal Navy'
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Royal Navy'
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Royal Navy'

Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Royal Navy'
Sinful Colors - Ardoise
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Ardoise'
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Ardoise'
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Ardoise'
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Ardoise'
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Ardoise'
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Ardoise'
Enchanted Polish 'Freeze Machine' over 'Ardoise'
Gorgeous right? You can find Enchanted Polish at for $13. You can also find Enchanted Polish at: Llarowe, Harlow & Co, and Mei Mei's Signatures.

- There ain't one! Enjoy pretty pics!

Monday, February 25, 2013

OCM Update - Week 2

Sorry this post is a little late. I took the photos Thursday night and then Mr. Fox Claws and I went out of town this weekend so I just now got the chance to sit down and write.

Sooo if you couldn't tell by the title, this is my week 2 update about using the Oil Cleansing Method. (You can read about Day 1 and Week 1 here.) Most of this week I've just been fine tuning my routine to fit my skin. Quick oil blend recap:  I started with 1/4 Castor Oil and 3/4 EVOO and found it to be a bit drying so I added a little bit more EVOO and that seemed to help tremendously (Jennie, I am still searching for that Avocado Oil you rave about!) I am also using a tiny bit of my oil blend as a moisturizer after I cleanse if I feel like I need it. After applying the oil as moisturizer I pat my face down gently with a clean towel to remove any excess. Annnd thats it! The money its saving me so far is ridiculous.

Heres what I was using prior to the OCM:
Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam $19.50
Clinique Clarifying Lotion (2-Pink) $22.50
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel $25.00
Clinique Moisture Surge $37.00
Total: $104.00

Here's what I'm using now:
Bertolis EVOO $6.89
Castor Oil $5.98
Total: $12.87

This isn't calculated per month, but when you consider that I went through a bottle of my DDMG a month and in 2 weeks I am not even half way through my bottle of Castor oil...the savings are obvious. It honestly kind of freaks me out at how much I was spending. So I am really, really hoping that this cleansing method works better for me in the long run. My wallet is hoping so too.

TMI moment incoming before I get to the photos. Its about 'That Time' of the month for me and usually that means my face is like spring break for acne -  Everybody is popping up, chillin' with their homies, partying in the warm sun...pissing me off. I got a couple of pimples (you can see in the left photo below), but nothing like I would normally see so far. The ones that I did have were small and close enough to the surface that they healed pretty quickly. Melissa at Pinked Polish had warned me that her skin went kind of crazy during the 2nd week so maybe this is my 'crazy'. We'll see. Over all I am still very optimistic about the OCM, more optimistic than I was after week 1 even.

Edit: I forgot to add that the blackheads on my nose are noticeably diminishing. I wish I would have gotten a before/after pic for reference but I didn't. Oh well, who wants to see blackheads anyway? Yuck! LOL

Photo note: These photos were taken under the same lighting conditions to preserve the integrity of the results; in my bathroom, with the vanity light on, and doors closed to block out additional light.

Left - Week 2 (Day 14)
Right - Week 2 (Day 14)

Comparison  day 1 to day 14

Comparison day 7 to day 14

- OCM still a thumbs up!
- Price comparison from previous skin care routine to this one is scary.
- Skin still looking noticeably less angry.
- Photos are in no way retouched or enhanced other than adding the border and water mark. Parts of my face look smoother because they are.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Is it really THAT pretty?

Yes...yes it is. I had looked at swatches of Lynnderella's 'I Don't Mean Rhinestones' for some time and often asked myself, "Is it really that pretty or are these just really great pictures that have had their color enhanced?"

I got my answer when I openedd my Christmas gift from Jess at Too Cute-icle. Oh...Em...Geeeeee!! Its. Freaking. Gorgeous. I'm just going to shut up so you can see it in all of its amazingly gorgeous gorgeousness.

This is 2 coats of Lynnderella 'I Don't Mean Rhinestones' over 1 coat of Ulta 'Dance Teal Dawn'. PLEASE click these to make them bigger. They are soooooooo pretty!

Soooooooooooooo I love it. Love. It. Went on like a dream, no glitter placement, and smoothed out nicely with 2 coats of SV. I can't wait to wear this baby again come spring/summer to get a good sun shot. If I had any lick of fashion sense I'd plan an outfit around it.  THANK YOU JESS!!!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

OCM - End of Week One

Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) Week 1 - Daily Diary

Day 1 (Friday) - You can read about day 1 here.

Day 2 (Saturday) - Did my OCM in my morning shower. Skin felt a bit dry after the shower but was not nearly as dry as usual. With my Clinique 3-Step system my skin felt completely sapped and tight (like I couldn't wait to put moisturizer on), but this was tolerable. I debated putting a teeny bit of moisturizer on, but decided to use a little tiny bit of my oil blend instead. I rubbed it in my hands to warm it up and patted it on my face. Soaked right in, no oily feeling left :) Splashed my face with water before bed and dabbed on a little big of my oil blend for moisture. No pimples to report.

Day 3 (Sunday) - Felt a little dry when I woke up so I put half a pump of my Clinique Dramaticaly Different Moisturizing Gel (CDDG) onto my nose and cheeks. I'm thinking the dryness around these areas is because I am sicky sicky and blowing my nose like every 3 minutes. On the plus side, blackheads seem to be coming really easily (overshare?) Did my OCM this evening, again, a little dry in the cheek area. Patted a little bit of oil on my face and then splashed it with water and patted it dry. Seems to have done the trick. Not noticing any miracle changes.

Day 4 (Monday) - Splashed my face when I woke up and patted a little bit of my oil blend on for moisture. Melissa over at Pinked Polish has been doing OCM for awhile now and mentioned that he skin went crazy after the first week, but evened out again after the second one. She loves OCM so it seems like its worth sticking with. I don't know if its the placebo effect or what, but I noticed a pimple starting to come up on my cheek in the evening. Did my OCM in the shower and dabbed on a bit of acne cream on the zit, then patted face with oil blend for extra moisture.

Day 5 (Tuesday) - Felt a little dry this morning but my face looked fantastic! Dare I say today is a good skin day!? My skin tone was very even. I patted my face with oil blend for moisture. Note to self: I need to keep the oil blend moisturizer to the center of my face, the sides and jaw don't need any extra moisture LOL! My pimple from last night is just a red spot, not even raised...has it healed already? WTHell? Never thought a zit could puzzle me.

Day 6 (Wednesday) - Nooo another zit. Smaller than usual, but bigger than the tiny ones I'd been getting. This one is in a pretty normal place though, along my jaw where I hold the phone to my face. GRR. STILL, better than I expected. I definitely think that I need to add more olive oil to my mix because I am still getting a little bit of dryness.

Day 7 (Thursday) - I don't know if its just in my head or if its a legit benefit, but that pimple seems to have gotten smaller overnight. I dabbed a bit of Neutrogena On The Spot acne treatment on it and its nearly gone. If this method helps my skin faster then I am sold for life.

1 Week Assessment - I am relatively pleased with the OCM. I was totally expecting to have a face full of acne by now but so far my skin has reacted much the same as it did when I was using my Clinique system. Sooooo how about some comparison photos? I took the photos under the exact same lighting conditions - Closed doors in the light of the bathroom vanity. What do you think?

Day 1: (Right / Left)

End of Week 1: (Right/Left)

Left Comparison:

- Oil Cleansing Method - Decent. Worth a try. 
- Not oily at all!
- Will do another update at week 2

Friday, February 8, 2013

Oil Cleansing Method - Day 1

A couple of months ago I stumbled across a YouTube video of a girl raving about the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) and how it has revolutionized her ideas about skin care. As most OCM advocates will tell you, it seems really counter intuitive, especially for people who battle acne; Why would I put oil on my already oily face?! I'm not going to go into all the mechanics of how it works and why, but if you are curious here is a good starting point for more information:  I understand the basic mechanics of 'you take moisture out, you must put it back in' for clear skin approach so I guess I'm a step ahead.

A little background on my skin: In high school it was awful. Awful waffle awful. Looking back now I am really lucky that I didn't end up with terrible acne scars. I didn't do much in terms of skin care. No matter how much my mom told me not to, I slept in my make-up every night. I splashed my face with water in the morning (maybe) before I put more make up on. I tried ProActive but couldn't get into it. I tried Clinique and never kept up with the routine. I hated the greasy feeling of moisturizer or sun screen so I never wore it. My skin care plan was simple: Dry it out as much as you can so it won't be oily. 

But that's not the craziest part....Wanna hear the craziest part? I know you do. I PURPOSEFULLY SUN BURNED MY FREAKING FACE (Tiffany, my most favoritest (former) Clinique person evar...I am so sorry) BECAUSE THE PINK/REDNESS EVENED OUT MY SKIN TONE. I'll give you moment to let that sink in....

Eeeeyah. So sometime around my senior year of high school I ended up with a pretty long term boyfriend and wanted to be safe and responsible (and without child...) and all that jazz so I got 'the pill'. Hallelujah it wiped out most of my acne in just a couple of months. Finally I was on the path to clearer skin, but still no real skin care routine. Since high school I have probably used every drug store brand out there, along with brands like LUSH and Philosophy all with mediocre results. I'd even been prescribed pills from the dermatologist in combination with the BP cream. Nope.

Fast forward 10 years and I still battle acne but most of the time its just hormonal/stress related stuff. I have been using Cliniques 3 step system - Foaming Acne Wash, #2 Clarifying lotion, and the DD Gel - for close to 3 years and while I'm overall pretty happy with it, its killing my wallet. Side bonus: since I am just about out of all of my 3 Step system, I figured now was a good time to pursue other avenues. Enter...the Oil Cleansing Method.

I did a bit of research on different oils and combinations (Crunchy Betty is a great site to help choose your oils), but essentially decided to just use what I had around the house before I started looking into additional oil blends and stuff. My skin is Normal to Dry (I think) so I went with 1 part Castor Oil to 3 parts EVOO since Castor oil is the drying part of this combination. I tried it out for a few nights on my hands to get a feel for how oily it might be, and to see if I would have any negative reaction to the blend. So far so good. I was pleased that I didn't smell like an Italian restaurant when I was done.

Now seriously, before I post these next pictures I have to stress that this is not an easy thing for me to do. I am not 'proud of my skin', and I am aware of the copious amounts of damage that I've done to it. But this is a necessary evil, and will hopefully kick start some really awesome before/after shots later down the road. (Can you tell I'm psyching myself up to actually post these...*sigh* I'm such a chump)
Left Jaw/Cheek -  Day 1
Right Jaw/Cheek - Day 1
Over all first impression - Not as awful as I anticipated it would be, not as great as I'd hoped for. So it gets a 6 out of 10 for now.

I washed my face with oil last night - massaged in a quarter sized amount for about a minute and then put a hot, hot, HOT wash cloth over my face and let it steam until it cooled. Rinsed the wash cloth out and gently rubbed my face to remove the excess oil, and examined my results. My face was definitely soft. It felt a little dry around my chin area but not nearly close to the dryness and tightness that I get with my Clinique system before moisturizing. I skipped moisturizer and went to bed. When I woke up I had 2 teeeeeny tiny little pimples (like..the kind that aren't even worth mentioning but for the sake of the blog topic I figured I should include any and every little weirdness thing). It was extremely difficult to pass up my desire to wash my face this morning (most people recommend only using OCM a couple times a week to start with), and I didn't want to splash it with water and then have to cheat and use some oil free moisturizer so I left it alone. When I got home from work though I really needed to wash it. It just felt...unwashed! LOL! So I did. Again, a little drier than I prefer it to feel but not dry like its going to flake up and fall off. I put just a tiny tiny bit of my DDMGel around my nose (I'm sick so I'm blowing it a lot and it hurts), and on my chin where it felt dry last night. Still, its soft and it looks okay. There is no oily sheen on my face. Meh. I'll keep it up. It should take about 2 weeks for my skin to get totally adjusted to it since I have been using Clinique for so long so we'll take some more pictures later in the week and see how it goes.

If you use the OCM, or used it and went back to store bought skin care, then I wanna know! Leave me a message beloooow! <3

- Oil on mah face! But not an oily face.
- Miss J nails it
- Self conscious skin pics!

Mardi Gras!

There is a whole lot of different in this post!

I have to preface this post by apologizing for the photo quality and the lack of 'proper' clean up. Originally, I had not planned to post this mani at all because I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but after some coaxing from some friends I decided to share it. And it totally grew on me!

Going into it I knew what colors I wanted to use, but I didn't have a plan. Eventually I decided on 'organized chaos' and set to work doing pretty much whatever came to mind. The results At least, I think so anyway :)

I used 3 main colors -
Purple - Color Club - Cosmic (from Claires)
Green - Rimmel 60 Sec - Camouflage
Gold - Color Club - Winter Affair

Additional colors and tools -
Glitter - China Glaze - All That Glitters
Zoya - Gilty - 18k Gold Top Coat
Stripes - Random gold striper

Stamp - Konad M60- Stamped with Color Club Winter Affair
Wet & Wild - Blacke Creme
Scotch tape
Fan Brush
Hole reinforcement stickers (for hole punched paper)
2 different sized dotting tools
Make up sponge

Left Hand Run Down:
Index - Scotch tape mani - 'Cosmic' purple base, China Glaze 'All that glitters', gold stripe
Middle - Color Club 'Winter Affair' with 'All that Glitters' gradient. 
Ring - Konad M60 stamped with 'Winter Affair' over black. Sponged on 'Cosmic' and 'Camouflage' around the edges. Sponged on a tiny bit of 'All That Glitters'
Pinky - Fan brush with 'Cosmic', 'Camouflage' and 'Winter Affair' 
Left Hand

Left Hand

Left Hand

Right Hand Run Down:
Index - OoOo I just realized I forgot which stamping plate I used. I'll look this up and get back to ya'll. Anyway, stamped the scroll design with black and gold over 'Cosmic' base. Sponged 'Camouflage' on top. Added a teeny tiny bit of gold glitter (Color Club 'Sultry Diva') on top of the green.
Middle - 'All That Glitters' over 'Cosmic Base'
Ring -  Half Moon Mani - 'Winter Affair' base. I used one of those hole reinforce stickers for paper to create the half moon. Painted the tip blacked and used 2 different sizes of dotting tools for the dots.
Pinky - Scotch Tape Mani - half stamped with Konad M60, half glittered with 'Glitter All The Way'. Added the gold stripe for kicks.
Right Hand

Right Hand

My thumb turned out way better than I had expected. I have always admired these checkerboard type manicures but it always seemed like such a hassle to get everything to line up right. And it was, kinda, but not  nearly as bad as I had imagined. My only failure was not waiting long enough for the base coat to dry before I put tape on it so I had to redo it. I top coated it with Zoya's Gilty to complete the Green/Purple/Gold theme.

These nails were so outside the box for me but I ended up really liking them. Definitely something fun and different for a holiday that is exact that; fun...and different.

- Thank you to the guys who pushed my car out of the snow this morning!! <3 <3 <3 
- I am so ready for spring...out with the snow!
- There is a baby opossum living under our deck.
- And baby bunny prints all over the backyard! Yay!
- Shout out to Jess at Too Cute-icle because shes awesome and shes had a rough couple of days. Love you!

BONUS: Too Cute-icle and Fox Claws Valentines Day Promo! From now until Valentines Day we will include an exclusive, limited edition, 'love' inspired polish by Too Cute-icle with every rack order! You may get a mini, you may get a full size, but you will NOT get this polish ANYWHERE else! (Promo runs from 1/16/2013-2/14/2013. Not valid on orders placed before 1/16/2013) You can find our Etsy shop here:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm so Knackered

knack·ered adjective \ˈna-kərd\
Definition of KNACKERED
: tired, exhausted
Examples of KNACKERED: "She was too knackered to paint her nails tonight."

^^ LOL! Its true. I am coming down with a cold or something again and pretty much passed out as soon as I got home from work. But, I'm awake and I really wanted to get something up on the blog tonight. I have a bunch of posts lined up, just have to find the time to edit the photos. I will make the time this weekend...hopefully. ;)

Knackered was one of those polishes that I was sure I was going to dislike. Google image swatches were unable to make up my mind for me because they are all so different. Some people put it over black, some over white, some layer it and layer it until its opaque....I actually bought it and then returned it before I even opened it, and as soon as I returned it I regretted it. I should have tried it. Blah. A month or so later, Melissa from Pinked Polish offered up a few items she wanted to purge from her stash so I snagged Knackered. YAY! Thanks Melissa!

It's absolutely gorgeous in the bottle and I was tempted to just let it shine in all its glory, but I don't have a lot of patience for layering relatively sheer polishes over and over until they're opaque so I went 'undie hunting'.

This is 2 coats of Butter London 'Knackered' over Sinful Colors 'Winterberry'... (Click each image to enlarge)
Butter London - Knackered

Butter London - Knackered

Butter London - Knackered

Butter London - Knackered

Sinful Colors - Winterberry

Overall, I really liked it, and lots of other people did too. I got a number of "Oh I love that color! What is it?" at work. Knackered shifts from kind of a silvery pinky purple to a really pretty green.It's definitely a different color for me, but it worked well with my skin tone and I will definitely reach for it again. Thanks for reading :)

- Being sicky sucks!
- Please send Vitamin C!
- I am thinking of starting the Oil Cleansing Method so if you've done it, leave me a message below and tell me what you thought, or if you'd be interested in hearing my results :)
- New racks coming to Fox Claws soon!
BONUS: Too Cute-icle and Fox Claws Valentines Day Promo! From now until Valentines Day we will include an exclusive, limited edition, 'love' inspired polish by Too Cute-icle with every rack order! You may get a mini, you may get a full size, but you will NOT get this polish ANYWHERE else! (Promo runs from 1/16/2013-2/14/2013. Not valid on orders placed before 1/16/2013) You can find our Etsy shop here: